Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program works with all Dynamo Academy student-athletes starting in 8th grade (including post-graduates) to create an individualized road map and comprehensive plan for college placement.

The Mentoring Program works to assist and educate players and families about college exam preparation, athletic recruiting, and NCAA compliance, whilst also monitoring their current high school standing.  At the Dynamo Academy, we fully understand the significance academics play in the growth and development of each player. Knowing that the majority of Dynamo Academy players will turn professional in something other than soccer, it is imperative that they use the Houston Dynamo as a platform to further their education and obtain academic and athletic scholarships to the university of their choice.

"Lead by Brandon Campbell and Rosemary Bouse, the Mentoring Program has taken on new responsibilities this year. We are very thankful to have two individuals that are so committed to the program, and who offer such invaluable advice and guidance to our players. They, along with the rest of the mentoring team, do a tremendous job and we can't thank them enough," said Dynamo Academy Coach Daniel Roberts.

Our dedicated mentors meet individually with each player once per month to review their grades, offer academic support, and assist in the college placement process.  A detailed curriculum is in place to support the mentor as they move through each phase of the program, understanding that the needs of the player and family will change each year.

"We have restructured the program slightly to enable players more time with their mentor. We felt that after researching similar programs, the benefit of having one mentor throughout their time at the Academy would greatly help their growth and development. The ongoing audit of our Academy allows us to evaluate our current progress. It is important that we create greater synergy between the different departments within the Academy and I believe we are making great strides in doing so," said program leaders Brandon Campbell and Rosemary Bouse.

For more on the mentoring program or information on how to become a mentor, please contact Daniel Roberts at

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