The Bandana has been a part of Texas culture over the course of our history. Once upon a time, the Texas cowboys relied on their bandana to shield them from the dust of the far west; today they remain a symbol of that hard-working, resilient culture, even as cowboys gave way to roughnecks and trabajadores and anyone else who knows the merit of a day’s work. 

Although rooted in the working class, the bandana quickly became a lightweight alternative to a scarf that provides style and brightness to any look since they easily adapt to different styles. A bandana can be used by anyone and everyone regardless of where you’re from or where you are headed. 

The bandana is the perfect accessory for your shirt or jeans. You can wear them on your head to take cover from the Texas sun, as a hair accessory, to dry your sweat, or to simply add a personal touch to your urban or western style. 

A new identity is born. When teams from other cities visit BBVA Stadium and look out into the crowd, with every waving bandana, they will know exactly where they are. So grab your bandana, tie it up or stuff it in your pocket, and bring your urban, western, and especially your matchday style and swagger to game days next spring.