Dynamo & Dash Fans, BBVA USA believes in creating opportunities for it’s clients and thank you for being a local cardholder. We are proud to present you with your 2020 BBVA Client Experiences.

UPDATE: BBVA Cardholder Benefits are not active during Phase 2 of 2020 MLS Return to Play

BBVA STADIUM Wi-Fi powered by BBVA

BBVA Stadium is the first MLS stadium to deploy Wi-Fi 6 technology. It uses a new Wi-Fi 6 network to enhance the game-day experience for fans of all ages; and the network will also create the opportunity to enable mobile ticketing and wireless food ordering today as well as potential future innovations such as augmented and virtual reality that will make fans feel like they are on the field. Taking it one step further, the Houston Dynamo and Dash have commissioned local street artists to design Instagram-worthy backdrops throughout the stadium to encourage real-time social sharing.

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