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Objective- Houston has a population of approximately 6.2 million people. The Diesel’s Skill Builders program looks to positively develop a large portion of this population, including a portion currently not currently not counted in the U.S soccer participation numbers, mainly ages 3-8. The Houston Dynamo and Dash with inspiration and continued expertise from Tom Byer and Soccer Starts at Home® have created a development program, Diesel’s Skill Builders, that looks to help improve early childhood development. The program is more than just learning soccer skills, it is a comprehensive program that looks to educate and engage parents, schools, and clubs in development of our children.

Please read the below descriptions of each component and contact us to participate with your school, club, team or family!

Parent Ignition Event: Parent Ignition events are a special 2-hour presentation geared for Parents that includes learning more about the physical, emotional and cognitive benefits of early ball mastery. The presentation is designed to give parents the tools and the Parent Checklist to give their child a flying start in the game of soccer and life!

Staff Development Workshop:  The Program includes a workshop for Staff, whether this is P.E. staff at a local elementary school, or at a local youth soccer club. We aim to teach them the concepts, science, and many positive benefits of ball mastery and skill acquisition and the massive benefits of Parent engagement for children. The goal of the Staff Development Workshop is to ensure the Diesel’s Skill builders and Soccer starts at Home® developmental philosophy is shared with all forms of educators so that programs can be implemented for years to come!

Diesel’s Skill Builder- Ball Mastery Sessions:  The Diesel’s Skill Builder- Ball Mastery sessions are the heart of the School Program. Utilizing the school’s ancillary time, or another special designated time, the Houston Dynamo & Dash trained staff will lead the school staff, help mentor and teach the children with age-appropriate, progressive ‘Ball Mastery’ exercises and games. The Video Skills Library provides parents the ongoing support to engage positively with their kids in the home!

Soccer Celebration Day: The Soccer Celebration Day is an event designed for the participating school students or local youth soccer grassroots players to demonstrate and introduce skills that have been mastered over the program. All program participants will receive a certificate of Ball Mastery and a voucher ticket to attend a future Houston Dynamo or Dash professional Home match. This is a great way for families and staff to enjoy a positive night out together and support the Dynamo or Dash at BBVA Stadium.

Ongoing School and Staff Support:  As part of the Diesel’s Skill Builders inspired by Soccer Starts at Home® school and club program, our trained staff will provide on-going support. This is to help ensure that the developmental methods and programs are shared with educators and continued for years to come!