Jonathan Kaplan / HoustonDynamo.com

VIDEO: Francisco Navas Cobo interview(SPA)

After Thursday's 4-2 over the Columbus Crew, Francisco Navas Cobo spoke with FutbolMLS.com. The entire video is in Spanish, but below is a transcription of Francisco's answers to Edgar Acero.

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Francisco Navas Cobo:

"I think that (the game against Columbus) was a great game. It was a very even contest, with Columbus giving us plenty of trouble, especially on the defensive end. (I think) we were lucky a couple of times and fortunately scored on both occasions. They also took advantage of a couple of defensive mistakes, which is when they scored. Personally, I believe that I need to work more on my game, especially on defense. Thankfully, this is still the pre-season. That's what these games are for."