Wilmer Cabrera | Postgame at San Jose Earthquakes

On missed chances:

“It is a playoff type game, we knew that from the beginning. We knew that they were desperate to get points and we were also in the need of points to keep ourselves above them. The first half we allowed them to create a goal that was soft from us. In the second half we went after it and created chances, but we weren’t sharp enough to finish those chances. We’re in a difficult situation now. At this moment we are out of the playoffs, and we have to work harder and we have to do better in all aspects defensively because it was a soft goal. Offensively in the first half we didn’t produce much and the second half, even though we produced, we have to put the ball away.”

On the team’s cohesion:

“It took too much in the first half, but it the second half it was much better. The difference is that they had one chance in the first half and they put it away. That was good enough for them to do what they needed to do with scoring that one goal.”

Looking ahead to NYCFC:

“We need to give more, we need to produce more. With the type of players we have, we have to be able to produce more defensively and offensively. We need to work that way this week and we need to understand now that it is on us. If we can get out of this situation, it depends only on us. We have the talent, but talent is not enough. We have to go and play the way we play in the second half, not the way we played in the first half. “