Reaccion de Alberth Elis | Dynamo vs. Portland Timbers

(sobre el marcador final) “Fue un partido duro, cerrado. Sabemos que en esta instancia los partidos así son. Son partidos muy cerrados que quedan muy pocas ocasiones de gol y el penal no lo he visto. Tengo que verlo bien para ver si fue en realidad o no”.

(sobre la defensa de Portland) “No, ellos estaban bien parados atrás. Siempre trataron de mantener la línea bien parada y eso nos dificulto un poco – no? Ahí no pudimos crear opciones y pues ahora estudiar bien el rival e ir con todo a Portland”.

(sobre el reto de ganar en Portland) “No, sabemos que es un partido de vida o muerte, que tenemos que ir a dejarlo todo. Puede ser que sea el último (partido). Así que, ir a buscar el triunfo o un empate que nos lleva a la final”.

Translated from Spanish

(on the outcome of the game) “This was a tough game, a gridlock. We know that these games can turn out like this. These are tight games with few scoring opportunities. As far as the penalty, I haven’t seen the replay. I need to see the replay before I can determine whether it was a penalty or not.”

(on the challenges posed by the Portland Timbers defense) “Yes, they were very well positioned. The defensive line was very organized and that created challenges for us, right? We had limited opportunities in front of goal, and now it is on us to scout them and leave it all on the field in Portland.”

(on the importance of winning in Portland) “Yes, this is now a do-or-die game and we have to leave it all on the field. This could very well be our last game, so, we have to play for a victory or a positive result that will take us to the final.”