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Houston Dash Season Membership Pricing and FAQs

  2021 Dash Membership Pricing Levels
  • President’s Club (Dark Blue) - $540/seat
  • Field Level Seating (Pink) - $480/seat
  • 100 Level West Club (Olive) - $420/seat
  • 100 Level East Sideline (Light Purple) – 300/seat
  • 100 Level South Endline (Lime) - $240/seat
  What does the Loyalty Rollover Program mean for me?

The Loyalty Rollover Program was introduced to ensure Member’s investment with the Club is protected in the event that home matches are either canceled, played without fans, or played in another market, due to potential impacts on the 2020 schedule. Among other benefits, the value of membership tickets for impacted matches will be credited to your 2021 membership. Your investment in your 2020 Membership is now credited to your account and will show as applied to your 2021 Membership balance in your upcoming dues notification on Aug 1. Your Membership price will NOT increase in your upcoming dues notification on Aug 1. You are receiving an additional 10% bonus credit for every dollar that has now been rolled over to your 2021 Membership. This Bonus credit can be utilized during the 2021 season for additional items such as additional tickets, ticket upgrades, and concessions.

  How do I use my 10% bonus credit as part of my Membership Rollover?

As part of the Loyalty Rollover Program you will be receiving an additional 10% bonus credit for your investment that is rolled over toward your 2021 Membership for Houston Dash home matches, this will be displayed on your dues notification. The bonus credit can be utilized during the 2021 season on additional items beyond your current Membership such as concessions, upgrading your seat location, or single game tickets. Elections on use of your bonus credit will be provided in advance of the 2021 season. Please contact your Membership Service Representative for any additional questions.

  If I purchased a 2020 Dash Membership, what are my options for the 2021 Season?

Please contact us via email (Info@HoustonDash.com) to ensure you’re all set with your options.

  How many games are included in the Membership package?

The NWSL schedule includes 12 regular season home games. Membership also include two bonus Dynamo MLS regular season home matches.

  What is Orange Rewards?

Orange Rewards is the exclusive loyalty program of the Houston Dash and Dynamo Season Ticket Members. Members can claim exclusive prizes and upgrades to their Dash experience using rewards points loaded on their account at the beginning of each season & additional points earned throughout the year!

  What if I can’t make all games in the Season Membership package?

We have a Flexible Ticket Exchange policy! Contact your personal Account Manager at least 24 hours in advance of kickoff and we will exchange your tickets into an upcoming game. Members may exchange up to the same number of seats on their account and are welcome to add seats or upgrade as well. All seats subject to availability upon exchange.

  When do I need to renew my Membership by?

All Dash Members are part of Automatic re-enrollment, no action is needed on your part to retain your membership. Dues notifications will be sent to you electronically by Aug 1 with your payment plan for any balance beginning September 1.

  What payment options do I have for my Membership?

Payment for your Houston Dash 365 Membership can be done in one installment. Also, we offer an Interest-Free, Monthly Payment Plan option, that
start the day of purchase and runs through August 1st, 2021. For more information regarding this option or to answer any questions, please email your Account Manager or email us at Info@HoustonDash.com, and a member of our staff will reach out to within 72 hours. We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

  Do I receive a discount if I have a Houston Dynamo 365 Membership?

Yes, a special discounted pricing is available for any member who has both Dash and Dynamo Memberships! Please contact your Account Manager for more details.

  Do Members receive access to other events at BBVA Stadium?

Yes, Members receive pre-sales for additional events at BBVA Stadium throughout the year which may include international soccer matches, concerts, etc.

  Do I get my seats for playoff games?

Yes, all Members are automatically enrolled in Play-On for NWSL Playoffs and will automatically receive seats at a discounted rate charged to their accounts as games are played. You will have the ability to Opt-Out of Play-On for the Playoffs once pricing is announced at the beginning of playoffs.

  Is there a general line or email address I can use to contact the Membership Sales & Service Team?

For questions please contact your Membership Account Manager or reach out to the Club directly at info@HoustonDash.com

What if I am interested in another seat location for the season?

All Members have the priority and ability to relocate their seats during the renewal period for the following year. It is also possible that a new, preferred seating location becomes available during the season. For either request, please contact your personal Account Manager to assist you.

  Do you have Premium Seats available?

• President’s Club 

• VIP Club Seats

All club seats have access to the VIP Club with dedicated entry into BBVA Stadium, along with an air-conditioned private lounge including a private bar and bathrooms. All premium members have the option to purchase premium food and beverages. All seats are padded with cup holders. Please call 713-276-GOAL for full details. Existing Members can call their Account Manager or 713-276-7500 for more information. 

Field Seats are available along the East sideline, opposite player benches.

Field Seat Members have access to the BBVA Vault, a private player tunnel lounge providing up-close and personal views of Dash players as they enter the pitch.

  What is Auto-Enrollment?

Auto-enrollment allows you an easy and convenient way to continue your Membership uninterrupted year over year. Your Membership will be automatically enrolled for the following year once the enrollment period begins unless you take action to opt out during the window of time designated in the Terms and Conditions.

Each season you will have a 30-day opt out window, with the 2022 season opt out window running from next August 1 – August 31”. Your initial payment or payment in full will withdraw on September 1 each year.  

You must enroll as part of your Membership but you may always Opt-Out of your Membership for the following season during the notification period at no cost.

You must enroll as part of your Membership but you may always Opt-Out of your Membership for the following season during the notification period at no cost. Click here for a complete list of Terms and Conditions.

  How will I be notified of Membership changes, including pricing?

Any changes to pricing for future seasons or material changes to Membership terms will be communicated via email or mail, to the address on file, at least 30 days prior to the Auto-enroll date. Auto-enrollment terms are also hosted on houstondynamo.com/HoustonDash/membershipterms.

  How do I enroll in Auto-Enrollment?

Simply complete the Membership Agreement Form with your account information, read and accept the terms by clicking the check-boxes, and select ‘submit’ at the bottom of the form once complete. Your Account Manager will follow up with you promptly to confirm payment options or finalize your purchase!

 What is the “Play On” program?

All Houston Dash 365 Members are automatically enrolled into the “Play On” program which automatically opts-in Members to receive a guaranteed seat and preferred Member pricing on Houston Dash NWSL Cup Playoffs and other potential Dash matches hosted at BBVA Stadium.   Members will receive notification via email of pricing and a 48 hour opt-out window if they do not wish to purchase their seats for each match as they are scheduled. Opting-out of purchasing tickets for a specific match does not impact your Membership status. Members will enjoy a simple “pay as we play” policy and will never be charged for a game that doesn’t happen! Pricing may vary.

 When do Houston Dash 365 Membership payments start?

Payments for the upcoming Houston Dash season would begin on September 1 each year.

 What happens if I opt-out of my Membership before the deadline?

There are no fees, no hassle, and no penalty for opting out within the opt-out period (August 1- August 31) for the following season. Your Season Membership will be removed from the Auto-enrollment program and will not be automatically enrolled for the following season. Your Membership for the current season will remain intact until the season’s end, however your benefits will terminate on August 31. Please note - if you chose to opt out, your current seat location and pricing may not be guaranteed if you choose to return at a later date. For full terms of service for Auto-Enrollment Memberships, click here. If you would like any additional information on Memberships please call 713.276.7500.

 How can I request a seat relocation or update my account information?

Please contact your Account Manager directly to update your account information or request a seating change. You can also fill out the Account Change Request form here.