Johnique Lang - Chef, EPICuisines

Encouraged by family and friends, Chef J’La began operations for EPICuisines Cooking Firm in 2014 as a start-up meal preparation services, offering pre- cooked meal plans to clients with specific health goals.

Her inspiration to be a chef with an expertise in health and nutrition came from witnessing poor health conditions of parents, family and childhood friends from her north Houston, Texas community.

"The idea was to provide a service to my community that would educate and encourage people to change their relationship with food", and so she started up a cooking firm that inspired healthy eating with a twist. Her approach to health and food caught the attention of a growing sports team and in early 2019 she was awarded the position of Team Sports Chef for the Houston Dash women's soccer team.

Chef J’La is degreed in Communications; certified in Food & Health Management; ServSafe Management and seeking to obtain her nutritional certification from the American Fitness Professionals & Associations. Her culinary skills are accredited to The Art Institution of Houston, where she completed her culinary degree as an honor student and continues to support the culinary programs as a alumni.

Cooking was once simply a shared passion amongst family and friends, where she would prepare family style cuisines in honor of birthdays and special occasions for loved ones. Now Chef J’La uses cooking as her voice to  encourage individuals to "eat for the health of it"!