DaMarcus Beasley | Postgame vs. Seattle Sounders FC

(on whether the Dynamo can keep up the pace they showed tonight all season) “I guess we’re going to see. Obviously there are some games you can’t play that way. But obviously with the weather, a little bit cooler, guys can sustain that pace through 90 minutes. It was good to see. The top three pressured, the whole team did a good job of working for each other, and obviously some things broke but we defended as a team. We gave away a couple good chances for them but hopefully we can see the tape and get better at that next week.”

(on his feelings when FW Erick Torres scored the first goal) “It makes me feel like we got a new player. I am so happy for him. Because he works so hard, even last year when he wasn’t scoring he still came to training every day and worked really hard. Even though he wasn’t playing, wasn’t scoring, he’s a guy that this year we’re going to count on, a lot. He knows that, I think he feels reborn, he came into preseason with his weight down and fit and ready to go. You can see that today with him pressuring with the top three. I am ecstatic for Erick, he has been working so hard and he got his reward tonight. And hopefully he can do that for the rest of the season not just one game.”

(on seeing Seattle FW Clint Dempsey back on the field) “Yeah, we had a couple conversations after and before halftime. It’s good to see him back. He’s a good friend of mine. I’ve been playing with him since I was 19, 20 years old. He’s a fighter, he’s a great character, great player; I don’t even have to say what he is as a player. It’s great to see him back, being back to full strength. It’s only going to help, obviously, Seattle but more, help the national team. Whenever (U.S. Men’s National Team Head Coach) Bruce (Arena) decides to bring him in, whatever he sees fit. He’s going to be a real force for the national team and the next year and a half for the World Cup, well the qualifiers and hopefully the World Cup.”

(sobre la victoria) “Me siento bien. Obviamente solo es un partido, pero como tu dijiste. Este partido es muy importante para que empezamos de buena manera. Pero ya, se acabo este partido y vamos el lunes a entrenar y seguir trabajando.”

(sobre el significado de vencer al campeon de MLS) “Todos los partidos son los mismos para mi. Si ellos son los campeones y si estamos jugando contra Portland o alguien mas – no me importa, yo quiero ganar. No importan con quien estamos jugando, solo quiero ganar y tener tres puntos.”

(sobre el desempeno de Erick Torres) “Si, estoy muy, muy feliz para mi companero. Creo que ha ido dos anos sin meter un gol so, para mi estoy muy feliz, muy contento para el y obviamente para el equipo tambien. Espero que el va a meter mas goles, no solo hoy. Estoy seguro que va a seguir trabajar duro y meter mas goles.”

(sobre la diferencia en este equipo a los de las temporadas anteriores) “Hay una nueva mentalidad. Todos los jugadores que tenemos han ganada un campeonato en el pais que estaban. Y eso es muy importante porque ellos saben como ganar. Por ejemplo, este partido los ultimos 10 o cinco minutos estamos ganando 2-1 pero todo los jugadores le estan echando ganas para tener esta victoria y estoy muy feliz que estamos trabajando duro juntos y podemos seguir de esta manera. ”