Dylan Remick | Postgame vs. Real Salt Lake

(on what he’s seen the defense improving the most that’s encouraging him) “A lot of it is just chemistry with the guys on this team, a lot of the defenders are pretty new so over time we build chemistry, you find out what your teammates’ strengths and weaknesses are, how to cover for them the best. When you build that chemistry with each other, it’s easier to play in sync and as a unit, and I think we’re really starting to gel as a defense but also as a team defense from back to front.”

(on thoughts on going back to Seattle to play next game) “It’ll be fun. I mean, Seattle is a great place to play a soccer game and the fans are always awesome. So I’m excited to see some old faces, see the city a bit. But at the end of the day I’m excited to take care of business.”

(on what he will tell his teammates about playing in Seattle to help them better prepare themselves) “Most of the veterans know what they need to do to get ready for a game. The big thing for me is just enjoy the experience. It’s a crazy experience, similar to Atlanta with the fans, a lot of hard core fans, so it’s a great environment to play soccer so don’t let it overwhelm you and enjoy being on the pitch with that atmosphere and use it to your advantage to motivate you and hopefully we’ll be able to do that.”