Katz Coffee Hero of the Match: Master Sergeant Chrystal Fox 


Fox has spent more than 20 years in the Army after first joining as a reservist in 1998 as a college freshman. After graduation, she transitioned to an active-duty role and is currently serving as the Property Book Managers Course Chief Instructor and stationed at Fort Knox in Kentucky.  

Fox’s career in the military has taken her many places like Punxsutawney, Pa. home of Punxsutawney Phil – whom she has met, Camp Bucca in Iraq, California and also introduced her to the city of Houston, which she hopes to call home in March 2023 when she retires from active duty.  

Fox first arrived in Houston in 2016 after being stationed at Ellington Field to sever as the Assistant Inspector General. In her current role as an instructor, Fox says she had been able to see “the little light bulbs light up on a soldier’s face,” which makes it worthwhile for her. Fox says that she hopes to become a JROTC teacher at a local school in Houston upon retirement from active duty.  

While Fox didn’t play soccer growing up, because according to Fox she didn’t have the best hand-eye coordination, she now very much enjoys playing and watching sports like volleyball, softball and soccer. In college, Fox competed in track and field.  

When she was living in Houston, Fox said she would try to make it to as many Dash games as possible. One of the things that impresses Fox the most about the players is their ability to move at such an incredible pace.  

Fox said her girlfriend, Jessica Collins, took advantage of the fact that she would be in town during her leave to go to a Dash game, which is when the idea of honoring Fox was brought up for the first time.   

The 20-year Army veteran will join the Dash on Sunday and be recognized for her service and stand side-by-side with players from both teams just like her friend did a few years ago. 

“I am not a runner, so just watching how fast they are out on the field,” Fox said. “A friend of mine was the Hero of the Game once and standing there right on the field with all the players and athletes out there, I am just amazed at what they can do. The role models they are for young people – especially young women. You set a goal and you go after it and I believe that the Houston Dash do, they go after it.”  

Fox says one of her favorite things the Army has given her is the sense of community and comradery she has found with her fellow soldiers and their families. One of her favorite things to do is host her soldiers for food, games and to be able to enjoy each other’s company. 

“That sense of community in the job or out of it,” Fox said. “I am a big proponent for just getting together, have fun and share experiences.”