Katz Coffee Hero of the Match | Michael Bonner


Michael Bonner served more than 30 years in the United States Army and was stationed in various places around the world. Now as a retired Veteran, Bonner says he is grateful for everything he learned and for his experience with the armed forces.  

“I learned how to do a lot while I was in the Army,” Bonner said. “Learned everything from computers to how to take care of myself and learned how to survive. Got to travel the world, see places that I would never would have seen if I wouldn't have joined.” 

One of his favorite countries to visit was Qatar, the site of the 2022 Men’s FIFA World Cup. Bonner says the terrain is beautiful and outweighs the climate that Bonner said can only be described as “scorchingly hot and hotter than Texas.” 

After retiring, Bonner said there was an adjustment period to returning to civilian life after three decades dedicated to the service. However, he said he was excited to be with his two kids and start a new chapter in his life.  

Bonner has become an avid sports trading card collector. He was first introduced to the NWSL and the Dash because of it. Bonner, who lives in Florence, Mississippi, will attend his first Houston Dash game on Sunday. Bonner will be honored as the Katz Coffee Hero of the Game in Sunday’s match against Angel City FC.  

“I knew there was a professional soccer women's team because I used to watch FIFA games,” Bonner said. “I didn't really know about the different NWSL teams until the soccer cards started coming out.”  

Bonner said Dash players throughout the years have sent him signed cards and he is excited to meet some of them in person.  

“I love when players interact with me, because it shows me that they're human too and now that I'm actually going into a game of people that have actually written back to me is much more special for me,” Bonner said.