"My time here is not done yet. " | Michelle Alozie


I’m not a rookie anymore. 

Houston has been home to the start of my professional career, and I’ve grown so much over the past two seasons. 

The team, the fans, the city. Every part was so nice and welcoming when I arrived.

DashvKCC playoff-10

There’s been a lot of changes since I started here, but there’s a strong core here. It’s what makes me want to stay. 

The direction we’re heading in as an organization excites me. From hiring our first general manager to having our own team President, I can’t wait to see where it all goes, where we’re headed as a club. 

To have the city behind us when we made playoffs this year, I was so humbled. It just makes me want to come back and go even further. To do even more.


And off the field, this city has a place for me.

I can get a glimpse of the future after soccer with the Texas Medical Center.

I can stay in tune with my roots and feel at home with the large Nigerian community I found here.

I’m getting chills just thinking about it – Houston feels like home.

DashvKCC playoff-313

I know who I am now. I’m developing and showing it on and off the field. And I’m doing it in a place where I feel comfortable.

I have that Houston grit that we’re known for. That Never Say Die attitude. Whatever it takes to win.

I can’t wait to keep showing y’all that for all the years that I’ll be playing here.


My time here is not done yet.

- Meech