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Amanda Hathhorn and her 13-year-old daughter Paige love to go to Dash games together and spend time talking about the sport they both love.  

Paige, who is a goalkeeper in the Dynamo Dash Youth system, says that she loves to be able to watch and learn from players like captain and goalkeeper Jane Campbell.  

“I think it's just cool to see all the older girls play, because one day I want to be like them,” Paige said. “I've played (soccer) for a while. It's an adrenaline rush for me, it’s just something that I love.” 

Paige says that the one thing she loves about the games is getting the chance to share the experience with her mom, who introduced her to the sport when she was younger.  

“It’s a way to spend time with her because we don't get a lot of time to relax as we're always go, go, go,” Paige said. “My mom played soccer when she was little. It’s a way to make my mom proud.” 

Amanda says that she is proud of both her daughters and is grateful to spend time with them doing things that interested them both.  

Paige’s favorite thing about Dash games? She says it’s “being able to watch them play and then talking to my mom about it instead of being the one playing and I can't talk to my mom about it.” 

Amanda and Paige will be honored as SeatGeek’s Members of the Match on Sunday for Houston’s game against Angel City FC.