Gretchen Kloes has always been around soccer. From a young age, Kloes said it was the one sport she most enjoyed. An ACL injury early in her high school career made her not want to pursue playing soccer at the next level and her focus switched to academics – still her love for soccer persisted. After graduating college, Kloes took a job in Conroe as a math teacher at a local school, where she has served for the last 15 years.  

“I just love it. I work at a school where we don't have a lot of kids who play outside of school,” Kloes said. “To build those fundamentals and get them to see some success. It's just huge. I love the game, I just think it's amazing.”  

When she is not coaching or teaching, Kloes attends Dynamo and Dash games. An avid fan of women’s soccer, Kloes remembers how she learned that the Dash were going to join the NWSL and play in her hometown.  

“They actually announced to the Dynamo season ticket holders first that there was going to be a team,” Kloes said.  “We got on the waiting list for tickets as soon as they came out, and we're like, oh my gosh, yes. I was really excited. I love women's soccer. It's so different from the men’s game. Something about watching women's soccer that's just a little bit different -- it's almost a different sport.”  

Having been a season ticket member from the start, Kloes says there are a lot of fond Dash memories and finds it hard to choose just one. However, in the last few weeks Kloes says there have been new additions added to the list.  

“I think that first goal that Ella Masar scored was pretty incredible,” Kloes said. “A few weeks ago, though, probably the best goal I've ever seen, was Rachel Daly's, goal off of Maria Sanchez's foot -- like that was insane.” 

Since the team was the established, the start to the 2022 season has been the best season in club history with a 4-2-3 record and 15 points in league play. Houston has added forward Ebony Salmon to its offense as well and more depth followed with the addition of four national team replacement players while seven Dash players are away on international duty.  

Kloes says she is excited to see the Dash continue the hot start they have had thus far through nine games and hopes more people join her in supporting the Dash.   

“I just love that we have such world-class high quality soccer right here that we can come and watch,” Kloes said. “I just I just think we don't realize how lucky we are to have this incredible product right here in our backyard.”