"This place has become my home." | Emily Curran


Gratitude. Pride. Happiness. 

That’s how I felt when I returned to the field this season. This team supported me through my entire journey, from my teammates to our incredible medical staff.

Dash Playoffs-104

Being able to come back after my injury was one thing, but to have the season we did was just icing on the cake. 

We’ve made huge strides in the past year alone, and I have no doubt that the organization is going to continue to make strides to make it one of the top clubs in the world.  

We have people who invest in this club, who want this club to succeed.

DashvKCC playoff-84

The team, the girls, the staff – they're all family. 

This place has become my home. 

I’m excited to be part of an organization willing to work for us. To be there and support us, always.


I’m really happy to be back for another year, to be home for another year. 

H-Town, we’re only going up from here.

- Emily