Houston Dynamo FC Member Playoffs Information
Houston Dynamo FC Member Playoffs Information

Dynamo Member Playoffs FAQs

  • How do I secure my Playoffs strip?

As a Dynamo member, your seats for the entire Playoffs strip are automatically reserved for you. No action is needed unless you do not want your seat(s) for the Playoffs.

  • How is my credit card being charged throughout the series? Is it a lump sum or charged per match?

The charges will be processed on a per-round basis, meaning you will be billed for each round separately after the confirmation of the match date rather than as a lump sum.

  • How long do I have to opt out of the Playoffs strip?

If you do not want your seats for the Playoffs, you will need to opt out here or through your account representative by Monday, September 25.

  • How will I receive my Playoffs tickets?

Your Playoffs tickets will be delivered electronically through the HDFC/SeatGeek app.

  • If I opt out, can I opt back in later?

Once you opt out of the Playoffs strip, we cannot guarantee that your seat and parking (where applicable) and discounted pricing will be available if you decide to opt back in later.

  • Why do I have purchase all matches now?

The "Play On" Member benefit does not require the full purchase upfront, but is a commitment to the full Playoffs slate of matches. This offers Members the best opportunity to be a part of the Dynamo Playoffs run for the MLS Cup.

  • Can I sell or transfer my Playoffs tickets to someone else?

Yes, you can sell or transfer your Playoffs tickets electronically via SeatGeek.

  • Can I upgrade my seat(s) for the Playoffs?

Yes, depending on availability, you are able to upgrade your seats for the Playoffs. To inquire about seat upgrades, please contact your service representative directly. If you are unsure of your service representative, please contact memberservices@houstondynamo.com.

  • Can I purchase hospitality spaces (Suites, Pitchside Patio, Sky Lounge, etc.) or group tickets for the Playoffs?

Yes, select hospitality spaces are available for purchase during the Playoffs and require a deposit. If you are interested in securing a group space or tickets, please contact your designated service representative directly or reach out to groups@houstondynamo.com.

  • Can I purchase more than just my seat(s) for Playoffs?

For Dynamo members that wish to get additional seats for Playoffs, there will be a designated presale window available. During this presale, you will have the opportunity to purchase extra seats via SeatGeek. For additional questions, reach out directly to your service representative.

  • Does this include parking as well?

Premium Members that have parking included in their membership will have parking included for the Playoffs. For Non-Premium Members, any available advanced parking would be sold through SeatGeek on a match by match basis.

  • What if I have more questions or want additional details?

For any additional questions or details, please contact your designated service representative. If you do not know who your service representative is, please contact memberservice@houstondynamo.com.