Boniek García spends holidays bringing joy in Honduras


Boniek García is hardly ever seen without a smile on his face, but this holiday season he focused on bringing joy to others' faces in his native Honduras.

García went home to his childhood neighborhood of Bella Vista outside Tegucigalpa and brought soccer gear and clothes to kids in the area, as well as the Honduran amputee soccer team. He later posted to Twitter:

"I am very grateful to God for the opportunity to spend time with such wonderful people, this post will not do that experience justice or be able to express all of the emotions I felt in such a short amount of time. Thank you for showing me that there is much to live for, that day-by-day there still much to accomplish regardless of the limitations. You are warriors and may God bless you eternally as you maintain your can-do spirit, your happiness and all of the traits that make you the great people you are. It was my pleasure to play alongside you and join you in such a lovely experience."

This sort of homecoming is nothing new for García and his family, who regularly return to Honduras ready to give back to their community. Last year, García and his wife, Ivania, visited child cancer patients with a non-profit organization during the offseason.

García brought a truckload of gear to Honduras, and plans to continue distributing items throughout the area during his offseason stay.