4v4 or 5v5 Games based on location. Winner stays on. Three (3) games in a row Max. If you win your first two (2) games, the third game win, lose or draw you get off. First team to 3 goals or 6 minutes, whatever comes first. If there is a draw the team on the longest loses or newest team wins. We want to ensure everyone has a good experience and plays against as many groups as possible. If there is no new team in queue the same teams can play again!

No Offside

No Goalkeepers (except at Herman Brown)

No Referees

1-2 Championship pitch, 1 Coed Pitch, and or 1 Female Players Only pitch can be used if requested for a match. Both teams must be ready to field at the time of the request. There is a total of 4 pitches to play on.


  • By registering you are automatically entered to win 2 tickets for the next home game!
  • Anyone that steps on the field to play must sign up online or at the facility. You will not be allowed on the field without completing the waiver.
  • Minimum of 16 years old to play.
  • We expect a proper code of conduct while playing competitively, you must respect all players including anyone else at the facility. There is a manager on site that can answer any questions but will not be a referee.
  • No Cleats Plastic or metal. Turf or indoor flats only, no exceptions. We provide clean training bibs for the games as needed. We don’t enforce wearing shin guards but we strongly advise it.
  • You can bring your own team of 6-7, or create your own pickup team with other players on site
  • You can play on as many team as desired if there is available groups.
  • No teams over 6 players.
  • Championship Pitch team with the most wins will be the winning team of each Cascarita Event! Prizes announced on site
Cascarita Location
Game Size & GK
Hermann Brown Park
400 Mercury Dr, Houston, TX 77013
August 3rd
5v5 with GK
Sports Creek
2619 Polk St, Houston, TX 77003
September 13th
4v4 no GK