Through sport, anything can be achieved. It's this idea that has lead to much of the Dynamo and Dash's work in the community throughout the years, and an idea that has sprung into CASCARITA, a monthly free pickup soccer event that is hosted by both teams in different location's throughout Houston.


"I wanted to get back to where the love of the games started for me," said Youth Programs Manager, Juan Vega. "En la calle, con una cascarita. Back to its roots. One ball, and love for the beautiful game."


"Cascarita is an open invitation to the community," continued Vega. "There is something special about coming together to play the sport simply because you love it. It's about passion for the game and creating a community based around that shared passion and feeling. A community within your community."


Cascarita is free for the public to attend and is held at parks and venues throughout the city. Be on the lookout for the next one - as always, good vibes are the only thing you need to attend.