Dynamo home unbeaten streak is third-longest in U.S. pro sports history

With the Dynamo unbeaten in 33 consecutive home games in all competitions, many have wondered how the streak compares to other professional sports. While the Miami Heat (and 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers) have received a lot of coverage for their historic win streaks, here we look into the longest home unbeaten streaks in American pro sports history. Thanks to the Elias Sports Bureau, we can compare the best home streaks in U.S. pro sports history. 

The Dynamo’s 33-game home unbeaten streak is the third-longest in the annals of American pro sports. Only the Chicago Bulls of the NBA (44 games, 1995-96) and Real Salt Lake of MLS (34 games in all competitions, 2009-11) have longer home unbeaten streaks in the five major American professional sports. Here is a list of the longest home unbeaten runs in other pro American sports:

<strong>Home unbeaten streak</strong>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">Chicago Bulls</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">44</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">3/30/1995 to 4/4/1996</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">NBA</p>
Real Salt Lake
6/6/2009 to 4/27/2011
<p class="rtecenter" style="">Houston Dynamo</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">33</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">7/9/2011 to present</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">MLS</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">Miami Dolphins</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">27</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">10/17/1971 to 12/15/1974</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">NFL</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">New York Giants</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">26</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">9/7/1916 to 9/30/1916</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">MLB</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">Detroit Red Wings</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">23</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">11/5/2011 to 2/19/2012</p>
<p class="rtecenter" style="">NHL</p>

*Now, many college sports fans will cite their favorite school's impressive streak. There are many, including University of Kentucky men's basketball's stunning 129-game home win streak that spanned 13 years, from 1943-1955. In college football, the Miami Hurricanes kept a mind-boggling 58-game home winning streak from 1985-1994. There are other extraordinary streaks in the college ranks, but in terms of American pro sports, the Dynamo are among the very elite.

Tickets: Watch the Dynamo try to match the MLS record on Saturday vs. San Jose.