The goal of the Grassroots Development days is to build the collaborative spirit between clubs and to share developmental ideas and formats with more grassroots parents, coaches, and clubs throughout Greater Houston. The monthly Grassroots Development Day event focus is on the early ages of 5 to 7 years old. Attendees will take part in ball mastery lessons, followed by a fun gaming format, inspired by Horst Wein’s FUNiño methods.

About FUNiño:

FUNiño is four-goal game created by Horst Wein, one of the world’s foremost authorities on developing youth soccer players. The game is designed to teach young players “game intelligence” in an optimal setting where the game is the teacher, and the rules are the instructions. Professional youth academies and grassroots teams all over Spain, Germany, Italy and many other places around the world use the 3 v 3 game and the broader FUNiño training methodology as a primary means of player development at the younger ages.

In the opinion of the Houston Dynamo Academy Director Paul Holocher, the benefits of FUNiño format at the young ages are numerous!