Leonel Miranda talks about his favorite dish: Guiso

Leonel Miranda Guiso

Hispanic Heritage Month continues as we talk with Leonel Miranda about Argentina, futbol, and food.  When asked about his favorite food from back home, Leo’s eyes lit up. He began talking animatedly about his favorite dish called Guiso, which is a stew that is typically eaten during the colder months of the year. In Argentina, it is usually served with pancetta and chorizo.

Guiso is a dish that has been around for centuries, dating back to the 15th century! One of the first Spanish cookbooks was titled “El libro de los guisados” (The book of ‘guisados”). This dish is more than just delicious; it stems from a rich culinary history that originated in Spain and was adapted over time to become the Argentinian dish that is loved by many. Try out the recipe!

Another dish that Leo absoultely loves is arroz con pollo (Chicken and Rice). Pretty self explanatory, but here is a recipe to try out if you want to try making it Argentininan style!