Q&A with new Dynamo midfielder Servando Carrasco


The Dynamo acquired midfielder Servando Carrasco from Seattle Sounders FC on Friday. Saturday morning in Philadelphia, spoke with the 25-year-old midfielder. Were you expecting a trade in any way, or did it come as a complete surprise?

Servando Carrasco: “Total surprise. I was expecting to play against Real Salt Lake and preparing for that game, and the following morning, I was told that I was traded. I’m taking it all in stride. I leave a lot of friends behind – a lot of great relationships that I’ve built in Seattle – but at the same time, that’s in the past now and I’m focusing on what’s here today and that’s a great opportunity with Houston and making a push for the playoffs and any way, shape or form I can help do that, I’m ready."

HD: There are some similarities between the Dynamo and Sounders. Both clubs have a core of veteran players and both head coaches – Dominic Kinnear and Sigi Schmid -- have a lot of experience. Does the familiarity of coming from a veteran team help the transition?

SC: "Absolutely. I’ve only heard great things about Dom (Kinnear) and the entire staff here. Calen (Carr) has helped get me up-to-date, in the past 25 minutes, so it is good to know someone (like Calen) and get that familiarity with the group and try and become a part of the group as quickly as possible."

HD: You mentioned Calen Carr. Both of you played at Cal, but you were two years behind him. How did you get to know him?

SC: "Our paths didn’t cross in college, but we’ve always kept in touch because we have the same group of friends. He is a guy that I’ve known for a very long time and he’s a guy that I trust and his opinion matters a lot to me. From what he says about the Dynamo organization, I’m very excited to become a part of it."

MP: The Sounders played the Dynamo on August 17 in Houston. Is it strange to join a team that you were preparing to play less than a month ago?

SC: "I think it comes with the territory. This is what we signed up for as professional athletes. You have to take it all in stride. Like I said, I’m excited to become a part of this team, right now in this crucial stretch of the season. Right now, I am focusing on what I can do to step on the field and make an impact."

HD: Dominic Kinnear cited your versatility in midfield as one of your strengths. Where are you comfortable playing in the midfield?

SC: "Whatever position the coaches tell me to play, I’m going to try and play to the best of my ability. I am most comfortable playing as a defensive midfielder, but I know that I can play out wide as well. Whatever position they need me to play, I need to adapt as quickly as possible and a make a positive impact for this group."

HD: You join the Dynamo with seven games left in the season. Any trade leaves a feeling of mixed emotions. What are your thoughts as you join the Dynamo?

SC: "You have to repay the confidence that the organization has placed in you. That is all that I am focusing on now. Seattle is in the past now. I will always have the fondest memories of my time there, but now I have to focus on what’s in front of me, and that’s making a push for the playoffs and hopefully making a run to MLS Cup."