Dynamo Member Of The Match

SeatGeek Member of the Match – Cory Perrin 


The Member of the Match for this weekend’s matchup between the Houston Dynamo and San Jose Earthquakes is a relatively new Dynamo 365 member.  

Cory Perrin first started attending Dynamo games at Robertson Stadium when the team arrived in Houston in 2006. After moving out of the area for several years, it was when Perrin finally returned to Dynamo games in a state-of-the-art downtown soccer-specific stadium that he truly fell in love with the team. 

"I moved away for a few years and then got reintroduced to the team by a good friend of mine that was a member back in 2016,” Perrin said. “We ended up going to games with him and ended up joining up with the Dynamo because we really enjoyed the family atmosphere, the amount of fun the games were, outside of just when the Dynamo were playing well. The atmosphere was just a lot of fun, a lot of fan enjoyment and a lot of excitement." 

While any fan can experience the atmosphere of PNC Stadium on a gameday, Perrin says that being a member has given him and his family added benefits that have brought them closer to the team than they ever imagined. 

"I would say that the biggest difference is the changes that the team and the club have made in fan engagement. Whether it's from new signings, players, different activities for the fans, getting the fans and players a little bit more involved,” Perrin said. “I remember we got to go and meet the players at Dave and Busters and that was a blast. Getting autographs and getting to meet the team and seeing a little bit more of the human side of it gets you a little bit more connected as a fan." 

Perrin, a physical therapist, attends the games with his wife, who is a middle school principal, and their daughter. He says that Dynamo games are the highlight of their week. 

"The thing that's been really enjoyable is that it's our family outing. No matter how busy things may get, we always know that Saturday night, we're going to the Dynamo game together,” Perrin said. “We get to relax, enjoy some quality time, have a bunch of fun together enjoying a sporting event. It's become our dedicated time together." 

For more information on how you can become a Dynamo 365 Member, visit www.HoustonDynamoFC.com/tickets/members/dynamo365/.