This week’s Dynamo 365 Member of the Match has truly been a fan since day one. A lifelong fan of the sport, Dustin LeGrand has long considered himself to be a member of the Houston soccer community. When it was announced the Dynamo were moving to the Space City in 2006, he and his fellow soccer fans were abuzz. 

“When they first came to Houston from San Jose, it was the talk of the soccer community, for sure. We didn't really have anything except for the indoor team for a minute there,” LeGrand says. “Once the Dynamo was coming, we all got really excited. I remember getting tickets to the first game, going to as many games as I could that first season in Robertson Stadium. It was a ton of fun.” 

Unfortunately for LeGrand, his job in the food industry meant that it could be hard for him to get to all of the Dynamo games.  

“We would always try to go to games when we could, seeing as my job isn't always the most flexible. So, any chance we got we would buy tickets and go,” LeGrand said. “Then we decided that we really enjoyed it and we wanted it to become something that we did more often. It was probably six or seven years ago when my wife surprised me with partial season tickets, and it just kind of grew from there.” 

Since becoming a Member, LeGrand has taken advantage of his membership to get the inside scoop on the team that he would not be able to see otherwise. He likes to follow the team closely, and nothing is closer than getting to attend a few practices each year, an exclusive benefit for Dynamo 365 Members. 

“I've been to a couple of practices where you get to go check out the team and get up close and personal,” LeGrand said. “The food trucks and all of that scene is really fun. Other than that, I like to closely follow any updates on the team. Signings, there's been a lot of management and coaching changes in the last six, seven years.” 

For him, these changes are finally starting to yield positive fruit after this past offseason. 

"Bringing Pat Onstad into the front office was an amazing move. I'm excited to see Hector Herrera out there. It seems like we have a good pulse on where we want to go as a style."