For Dynamo365 season ticket member, Isaac Streckenbach soccer has played a big role in his life transcending several phases. First as a soccer player himself, then as a soccer parent and eventually a coach. Through it all the Dynamo have been a key presence in the Streckenbach household.

After moving from Portland to the Austin area, Streckenbach said he needed to find a new MLS team to support, and when the chose between FC Dallas and the Houston Dynamo, he said he “gravitated toward being a Houston Dynamo fan, because Dallas kind of turns my stomach.”

Now, a Houston resident, Streckenbach says being a Dynamo fan has taken a new life after his son Kai, started playing for one of the youth teams sponsored by the club.

“He was around fourth grade, got him involved in soccer down here,” Streckenbach said. “I actually became a coach for the Dynamo youth development program. Wearing the Dynamo patch and the kids wearing Dynamo colors (deepens the love).’

Streckenbach said over the years he had his choice of seats at PNC Stadium but has always made it a point to sit behind the net to watch the goalkeepers play. Kai is a goalkeeper at a local high school in the area and likes to watch the goalkeepers during match days in hopes of learning from them. As a former Timbers fan, Streckenbach says this season in particular has come full circle getting to see Dynamo goalkeeper Steve Clark defend the Houston goal.

“When we found out they signed him I was like, ‘You got to be kidding. No way. What,’” Streckenbach said. “It was almost unbelievable.”

Streckenbach says he is excited to be one of the many people in attendance for the debut of Dynamo midfielder Hector Herrera’s debut. Herrera joined the Dynamo last week for his first training session with the team after spending three seasons with Atletico de Madrid in Spain. The captain of the Mexican National Team is the largest signing in club history.

“To have Hector's debut game is just like a huge layer of icing on the cake. Obviously, there's a ton of buzz and excitement around that,” Streckenbach said.

Streckenbach will attend Saturday’s match against FC Dallas for the Texas Derby with his son Kai and wife Kifferie.

“You can't ask for a better game, right? Dallas vs. Houston Dynamo, there's a lot of teeth grinding there,” Streckenbach said. “Always an exciting game, no matter what the turnout.”