Jeff and Lynn Deelsnyder are dedicated and passionate Dynamo365 members who will always hold it down for their hometown team. The Deelsnyder’s have been season ticket holders for the Dynamo for almost 15 years. 

Jeff says picking a favorite memory after experiencing so many noteworthy events at both Robertson and PNC Stadium is hard to do. He didn’t fail to mention what it was like to see players like Brian Ching and Brad Davis play in the early years. Even this season, he enjoyed watching forward Sebastian Ferreira score a goal from midfield and a highlight is the debut of Hector Herrera. But Jeff says he’s always looking forward to the next memory. 

“Every game offers the opportunity for that next memorable moment,” he said.  

This season, the Deelsnyder’s changed their seats to the Shell Energy Sports Deck in the south endzone.  

“We love it. We're right in the middle, right behind the goal, the first row on that upper level,” Jeff said. “We were on the side for all the previous seasons. We love being up on the Sports Deck. It’s a great place to meet our friends and we've had friends and family gathered there as well.” 

Each game day they make sure to arrive to PNC Stadium early to watch players warm up and soak in the sights and sounds before the match starts. 

“It's a great atmosphere there,” Jeff said. "It's a love of the sport, too. I played as a youngster, all three of my kids played. We're just a soccer family.” 

Lynn says throughout the years she’s enjoyed the memories she has made being a Dynamo365 member alongside her husband and family.  

“(My kids) were all involved in some of those little perks that we were able to get with points years ago,” Lynn said. "Our daughter took the match ball out, she's walked out with the team. Some of those relationships that were forged doing that.”  

Saturday night, the Deelsnyder’s will be honored as SeatGeek’s members of the match. As passionate Dynamo fans, they hope to see the team go out and win at home.  

“We’re just looking for a great win against our rivals that we've seen in the playoffs time and time again,” Jeff said.