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SeatGeek Member of the Match – Navid Corey-Garcia 


Nathan and Sonya Corey-Garcia have been Houston Dynamo Season Ticket Members since 2012, the inaugural season of the team’s current home at Shell Energy Stadium. However, there might not be a more passionate fan than their son Navid, and fittingly, the match theme is Kid’s Day on Saturday.

Nathan said his seven-year-old was never pushed to play soccer but was hooked when he first kicked a ball. That passion for the game needed more than one outlet and translated directly to Dynamo fandom.

“We just made attending matches a family thing,” Nathan, whose children never miss a gameday ICEE, said. “Navid took to the environment and everything around it. He loves Diesel. The music, the supporters’ section, the streamers, the fireworks and the smoke. That really got him into soccer.”

Nathan said their fandom became even more intense ahead of this season when the Corey-Garcia family, who moved to Houston in 2005, joined The Surge Supporters Group.

“My wife saw that The Surge had opened applications and were accepting new members, so for Navid’s birthday, we actually got him the membership,” Nathan said. “That’s really all because of him. Of course, he can’t go by himself, so I jumped in with him, and that’s just kind of our thing.”

Fans at matchday can pick out Navid amongst the smoke and singing of the crowded supporters’ section thanks to his signature black and orange checkered flag that he received as a Christmas gift. Like his son, Nathan has an array of flags to utilize on matchday, although he said he does not dedicate quite as much practice time.

“He practices at the house,” Nathan said of his son who attends Garden Oaks Montessori. “His version of playing pretend is playing soccer, whether he’s actually pretending to play a soccer match or that a soccer match is going on and he’s a supporter waving flags and throwing paper rolls in the house.”

As long-term fans of the Dynamo, Nathan said he and his wife’s favorite player of all-time is Brian Ching, as he was one of the first players they were drawn to and met. For Navid, there is no doubting who is at the top of his list – goalkeeper Steve Clark.

“Navid loves everything about goalies,” Nathan said of his son who plays for Albion Hurricanes FC. “His version of soccer is basically trying to score on him. He wants to be a goalie, and he enjoys the position. For someone his age, he just understands the position and that it’s different. He likes that about it.”

When it comes to a favorite memory, Navid’s mind immediately goes back to last season’s Meet the Team event. Nathan said his family loves both the Dynamo and Dash, and seeing his son interacting with players from both squads was a proud moment.

“It was really awesome when that event came back,” Nathan said. “Navid was very overwhelmed at first, but once he settled in, he just wanted to go everywhere. He really enjoyed it. Of course, he loves food too, so that was another plus.”

Saturday will not be Navid’s first time on the field at Shell Energy Stadium, as his older sister, Talia, was previously selected for a fan appreciation event where she received former Dynamo forward Alberth Elis’s kit. This time though, the attention will all be focused on Navid.

“His favorite part of being on the field is just being down there where the team actually plays,” Nathan said. “Seeing everything up close from that view and being part of the fanfare and the whole environment, he really enjoys that.”

Navid, along with his parents, will be honored as SeatGeek’s Member of the Match at Saturday’s matchup versus Real Salt Lake.