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Two Dynamo365 Members Win Trip of a Lifetime to Madrid

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Every fan of every team hopes to have his or her lucky day, whether it be making time to experience a thrilling come-from-behind victory, or getting an autograph from their favorite player.

The beauty of sports fandom is the opportunity to experience those moments that will be remembered forever. Being a fan is passive, however. Being a member of a club is a much deeper relationship, and being a member of your club can bring some truly one-of-a-kind moments.

Today, two Dynamo365 members have won a trip of a lifetime that exceeds the wildest dreams of fandom. Roberto and Juany Valcarcel, Members since the opening of PNC Stadium in 2012, will travel to Madrid this weekend to watch El Derbi de Madrileño, one of the most famous rivalry matches in all of world football.

Not only will they see the Spanish league champions play, they will get a preview of incoming Dynamo midfield signing Hector Herrera, as he plays one of his last games for Atletico de Madrid.

“We are very happy that the Dynamo are bringing a player that is Mexican to our team. We have followed him since the 2014 World Cup in Brazil,” Juany said. “We are super excited.”

While their trip to Madrid may be the biggest moment in their fandom, Roberto and Juany say that their favorite memory in their ten seasons of being Dynamo365 Members is one that is much closer to home.

“We brought my niece to a game – she was three at the time, and we gave her a Dynamo shirt,” Juany said. “She was so excited to watch soccer and see Diesel! She kept screaming ‘Let’s go Dynamo’ after every goal, and when we scored she would help with the streamers too. It was the best – having her in and around an environment that was so familiar to us, it made us so happy.”

Roberto and Juany will fly out to Madrid on Friday. You can follow their travels across the club’s social channels throughout the weekend.