111720 Who we are story

“We are orange. Forever we are orange. Forever we are orange. Forever we are orange.”

The lyrics of the well-known chant shouted out by Dynamo supporters make it crystal clear what the core of the club’s identity has always been. To any MLS or NWSL fan, that iconic orange shirt is immediately associated with the Dynamo and Dash.

But as the Club evaluated every aspect of its operation on and off the pitch over the last two years, it became apparent that we’ve never defined what it truly means to be orange.

The announcement of a new club identity was much more than just a new crest or adding a couple letters to the team’s name. At its heart, it was about redefining who we are from the inside out, building off of the foundation that was laid by those championship-winning sides in 2006 and 2007 to chart a path for future generations of Dynamo and Dash players, coaches and supporters.

That path leads to a vision for the Club to become a globally-respected sports franchise and for Houston as THE top market for our game in our country. Certainly, there is a long road between that vision and where we are today, but to get there we must get moving now.

We looked at the qualities that made those early Dynamo teams successful, as well as which traits we need to embrace to ensure sustained success on the pitch, in the community and in the front office. That process enabled us to identify the values that will underpin everything that we do and define who we are going to be.

We may not have always lived up to all of these in the past, but we will work to do so every day on our way toward reaching that vision.

And when we say that we are orange, this is what we mean:

We are one club

  • Players, coaches, staff, supporters. When we pull on the crest, we acknowledge that we are part of something bigger than ourselves and we have a responsibility to every other member.

We are proud

  • We embrace the championship history and expectations that have been part of our identity from the beginning. We put Houston over our hearts as a constant reminder that representing our community and our fans is the inspiration for everything we do.

We are bold

  • Houston is a city built on ambition, from the oil industry to NASA, and we are no different. Like our city, we will never settle for “good enough.” We know who we are and what makes us great, and we are unafraid of those expectations.

We are inclusive

  • Anyone is welcome, regardless of where you’re from, what you look like, who you worship, how you vote or who you love – as long as you love the game.

We are leaders

  • Our players and our staff set the example for others across Houston – wearing the crest, even at a young age, carries a sense of responsibility. We choose to lead through our actions and be the catalyst that unites a community for common purposes.

We are creators

  • On the pitch, we cultivate creativity in our players. Away from it, we are creators of fans, of moments, of memories.

We are the future

  • While we are proud of our history, our eyes are firmly fixed on the future. The next trophy, the next challenge, the next goal to be reached. We are the sport and the club of Houston’s future.

We are partners

  • We are focused on building strong, lasting relationships that are rooted in trust and respect. In the boardroom or in the locker room, those qualities guide our behavior. Fairness, integrity and transparent communication are the keys to our success.

We are the game

  • We work to cultivate a life-long love affair with the beautiful game from the first time a child touches the ball. We have a responsibility to grow the game in Houston at every level, from the grassroots to the highest levels of international football.

We are Houston

  • Our city is at the heart of all that we do. We are not content to simply play here. We strive to be Houston’s club and to embody the qualities and characteristics that make H-Town great, a club that every Houstonian can take pride in and feel a connection to.