What’s Next for DaMarcus Beasley?

DaMarcus Beasley has pretty much done it all in the game. From playing in Europe’s top leagues, to the Champions League semi-finals, to appearing in four World Cups for the USMNT, and winning silverware in the U.S. Open Cup, Beasley has achieved an incredible amount since making his debut for the Chicago Fire in 2000 but now that he’s retired it begs the question, what’s next for LegenDMB? Beasley spoke about that and much more on this week’s episode of the City of Soccer Podcast.

Like all of us right now, Beasley is hunkered down at home enjoying quality time with his daughter but in the months since retirement, he’s been busy preparing for the next stage of his career, a role in the front office.

“I love the every day of working with a club. People talk about being part of a club and culture and how you want the team to be on and off the field, working with the community, I’m all for that. Those things really intrigue me.”

While he’s certainly “been around the block” as he puts it, and has a sense of how the day-to-day work of being an executive at a club goes, he’s anxious to learn from those who have made the transition from playing to the front office.

Beasley has spent much of his time post-retirement traveling around the country to learn from friends and collogues, such as former USMNT teammate Tim Howard who has joined the ownership group of Memphis 901 FC. While Beasley was quick to point out he has no plans to play again like Howard, he’s eager to learn about making the jump.

“I’ve spoken with Timmy a lot. Speaking to guys like him and Landon, who went from playing into front office roles. Just trying to get as much knowledge of how they did it. Just trying to learn as much from afar and then when I’m ready hopefully I’ll be ready to have my own team or be a part of another club.”

One thing is for sure, whenever he decides to step into a front-office role, LegenDMB will be well prepared.

“I’m just trying to learn as much as I can so when I’m given the green light to step into the front office of a club I’ll be ready.”