9/25/2020 Pablo (Not Mastroeni)

Dynamo Charities and Embassy of Qatar partner with Boys & Girls Club for Virtual Fun Fit Fridays

Dynamo Charities and Houston Dynamo Youth Programs partnered with the Embassy of Qatar and Boys & Girls Club of Greater Houston to provide virtual soccer learning lessons, giving kids the opportunity to continue to play the game they love at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The virtual learning program was made possible through a gift of $35,000 from the Embassy of Qatar to Dynamo Charities to help support this program as well as other directed at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Houston.

"The Fun Fit Program was so amazing and worked so well for our Virtual Club Experience. Even during this pandemic, we've been able to reach the minds and muscles of our students and give them a great club experience, thanks to Dynamo Fun Fit Fridays,” said Andrea Govea, the Housman Elementary Club Director for the Boys & Girls Club.

The Virtual Club Experience featured Dynamo Fun Fit Fridays, where Dynamo staff utilized online programs where kids of all ages could log in for instruction on ball mastery skills led by Dynamo Youth Programs Coordinator Pablo Reyes.

“Every week, the kids became more comfortable and confident in their soccer ability. It was truly a positive learning experience,” Reyes said.

Reyes led the kids virtually and was able to impact some of the participants' lives, including Abigail and Malachi Vasquez who attend Spring Oaks Boys & Girls Club.

“Every so often you really get to connect with kids a bit more. We had that with Abigail and Malachi,” Reyes explained. “It was a privilege to work with them – seeing their excitement when they learned a new skill. Being a part of that is something special.”

Fun Fit Fridays were held for six weeks during July and August 2020, when staff from Dynamo Youth Programs were able to be part of kids’ days to teach new soccer skills.

“Abigail and Malachi were so engaged in Dynamo Fun Fit Fridays and had many questions when they would be on Pablo's Sessions. They truly learned so much from Pablo. Although our members were at home, the Houston Dynamo were able to give them the best experience and teach our members virtually,” Govea said. “Dynamo Fun Fit Fridays really encouraged our members during this pandemic. Members and Staff were able to enjoy some exercise, learn about a sport, and how to live a healthy lifestyle. Thank you to the Houston Dynamo for encouraging our members! Now, we have more future athletes in our organization.”