The 6 Best Items To Buy For Houston Dynamo FC & Houston Dash New Look

Nothing is better than being able to don the logo or name of your favorite team around town. Sharing the common bond when you see someone across the way repping the same logo and colors and knowing you have an instant bond over something.

With the Houston Dynamo FC and Houston Dash releasing new looks on Tuesday it’s time to get some fresh gear to trot around H-Town in. Even better, with HOUSTON so prominent on both crests, it gives you a great way to rep your hometown when you’re on the road!

We turned to digital marketing director Garret Heinrich, a former t-shirt designer and admitted sports logo nerd, to break down his favorites from the initial product lines featuring both teams’ crests.

Here are the 6 best items Garret says you’ll want to snag from one of the spots around town or online:

1. Dash Mono LS Nike Top

Nike tops are SUPER comfy and always look stylish.  This black or orange LS might only have limited time use in Houston, but I’ve never been one to shy away from pushing up the sleeves of a good long sleeve in the warm spring or fall if the look is right.  The big ‘H’ monogram is not only a great look, it will let everyone know you Hold It Down for the NWSL Challenge Cup Champs. 

2. Dynamo Mono Gray Adjustable Hat

Admittedly, I hate adjustable hats. They don’t fit my oversized cranium properly and I don’t wear them.  But the look of the monogrammed HD inside the hexagon on this speckled gray hat is perfect for matchday, the pool, a backyard BBQ, or just a kickabout with the crew at Toros (Watch out, Arturo Alvarez might pop in and add to his league-leading goal total). 

3. Co-Branded Bandana

Honestly, this is a must-have.  The bandana fits Houston’s vibe and climate, and the Houston Dynamo FC bandana is absolutely fire for anyone looking to rock H-town with a bit of style or purpose.  Versatile, stylish, and the best part – FREE! Just sign up here to receive yours. 

4. Dash H-Town Jersey

Not an official kit – we will have to wait until next year to see what the 2021 kits for the Dash look like – but if last year’s kits were any indication they will be “fire” as the kids say.  This jersey though is perfect for showing off your inner Bri Visalli while also pulling off something a bit different.

5. Dynamo Logo Hoodie

That new hexagon shape for these logos fit so nicely on the front of shirts, hats, socks, and eventually a jersey. Honestly, it’s hard to make something bad.  But this hoodie is both the epitome of comfort and style for those days that turn into chilly nights in The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Third Ward, or wherever you are hanging out.

6. Houston Dash Quasar Hoodie

Look, hoodies are not the best for Houston weather. I get it. But if you're going to get a Dynamo one, get yourself this Dash one as well and be ready for those few mornings or evenings where you need to throw on something to keep you a bit warmer.  The Quasar Hoodie Jane Campbell is sporting will be available before Black Friday according to my sources!

These are just one guy’s opinion and are just a few of the many new items we’re going to be placing in our rotation to rep Houston’s club.  For a full list of available merchandise, visit the Dynamo and Dash online stores; and check back frequently because more new items will be added often!