Dynamo and Dash Charities Community Grants
Dynamo and Dash Charities Community Grants


Dynamo and Dash Charities is pleased to support other local non-profit organizations with missions that align with ours.  Dynamo and Dash Charities believes in using the sport of soccer to support communities in the greater Houston area. We are committed to leveraging the passion of our players, our staff, and our fans to provide resources and education that positively impact lives in our community by focusing on our five pillars of activation: 

  1. Food insecurity
  1. Military and veteran support
  1. Cancer support and awareness
  1. Youth development through education and soccer
  1. Sustainability powered by Shell Energy

We are pleased, for the first time ever, to offer local Houston non-profits the opportunity to apply for Dynamo and Dash Charities’ community grants.  We will award five (5) organizations each with a $6,000 grant, one for each of the pillars listed above.


  • Provide resources or opportunities for underserved individuals or groups 
  • Serve those located in Houston and the greater Houston community
  • Primary focus on one of our five core pillars (each, a “Pillar”): 
    • Food insecurity
    • Military and veteran support
    • Cancer support and awareness
    • Youth development through education and soccer
    • Sustainability powered by Shell Energy


August 1, 2023: Application released

August 31, 2023: Final day to submit applications

September 2023: Applications reviewed by Board and committee members

October 1, 2023: Grantees announced and fund distributed

October 12, 2023: Grantees recognized at Boots and Suits Celebration

April 1, 2024: Grantee documentation due


Please complete the following questions and submit the information in Word format, along with the applicable supporting documentation via email to Charities@houstondynamo.com. The subject line of the email should read as follows: “2023 Dynamo and Dash Charities Grant Application”.

  1. Organization information - All information must match IRS determination letter
    1. Contact name
    2. Contact title
    3. Mailing address
    4. Phone number
    5. Email address
    6. Organizational website and social media handles
  1. Organization’s mission statement
  1. Which Dynamo and Dash Charities’ Pillar does your organization serve?
  1. Description and goals of the program/project for which the funds will be used
  1. Evaluation process of the program/project
  1. Demographics of the population served
  1. Organization’s operational budget
  1. Program budget (if applicable)

Please include the following items with your submission:

  • IRS Determination Letter
  • List of Board of Directors and company affiliation
  • Number of staff members
  • Copy of last annual report (if applicable)
  • Three (3) to Five (5) images of the program/project that the funds will support


Each organization awarded a grant will be required to submit the following documentation no later than April 1, 2024.  If an organization fails to submit such information, it will not be considered for future grant opportunities. All information must be submitted via email to Charities@houstondynamo.com.

  1. What is the progress of the program/project as of March 15, 2024?
  1. What are the plans to further the program/project after the current date?
  1. What are the accomplishments of the funds?
  1. Please send photos, other media content (if applicable) and any stories along with your documentation.


Valerie Holland
Vice President of Community Engagement
Email: vholland@houstondynamo.com  \\Email is the preferred method of contact\\
Phone: 720-934-6995