Brittney Castille | Hero of the Match


Brittney Castille served four years in the United States Navy, taking the Nederland, Texas around the world.

Castille says her cousin, who is a few years older, also served in the Navy and inspired her to do the same. Castille said her time in the Navy took her to places she never imagined visiting, including several stops near Spain. Castille said one of the most interesting things she experienced during her deployment was traveling through the Strait of Gibraltar.

After retiring from active duty with Honorable Discharge, Castille and her husband – who is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, settled in the greater Houston area. The family of five currently live in Richmond.

Castille works at the Department of Treasury where she helps people dealing with credit card fraud and other financial related cases. On her spare time, Castille is finishing her master’s degree in social work. The mother of three is expected to graduate next May. For Castille, the accomplishment of graduation will be shared alongside her oldest son, who just began his senior year of high school.

For Castille, her faith and her family have kept her grounded throughout the several different curveballs life has thrown her way. She hopes that people who are struggling in life, regardless of what it may be, leans on their family and faith as well.

Saturday will mark the first time Castille and her family will attend a Houston Dash match. Earlier this year, they were able to visit Shell Energy Stadium as part as Operation Homefront’s back-to-school brigade event. Never in her wildest dreams did Castille think she would return as the Hero of the Match for the Houston Dash match against the Kansas City Current.

Castille says she is nervous but excited to be honored and is grateful to have her family alongside her for the momentous occasion.