The Houston Dash and Dynamo Charities are teaming up with local business Vinny’s Pizza for the month of May. Dash players Michaela Abam, Allysha Chapman, Lindsey Harris and Nichelle Prince worked with owner of Vinny’s Pizza, Vincent Huynh, to create a unique Houston Dash pizza.

The team’s pizza, named the Dash Board Banger, is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, mesquite-grilled chicken, fresh green apple slices, goat cheese, sliced red onion, parsley and hot honey drizzle. A unique take on pizza, the Dash Board Banger sums up the unique qualities of the Dash.

Vincent is a first-generation Vietnamese American who originally studied audio engineering and worked in kitchens to pay his way through school. When he realized he was devoting all his time outside of school to food, he officially switched gears and completed a degree in culinary art.

After rising the ranks quickly post-graduation, Vincent became the Culinary Director and an owner of Agricole Hospitality. He, along with the company’s two other owners, opened three restaurants in East Downtown in late 2018, one of which being Vinny’s Pizza. He plays a very hands-on role throughout Agricole’s operations, enjoying face-to-face time with customers and staff.

"It was great to work with Vincent and the crew to learn how to make pizzas,” Abam said. “It’s awesome we get to work with a local business for Dynamo Charities.”

The Dash Board Banger is available on Vinny’s menu all through the month of May. A portion of the proceeds from each Dash Board Banger purchased will go to Dynamo Charities.

The Dash and Vinny’s will also host a Dash Pizza Party on Sunday, May 15. Fans are invited to join players to grab some delicious pizza and share a drink with the Dash from 5-9 pm. Fans can RSVP here.

Dynamo Charities believes in using the sport of soccer to support communities in the greater Houston area. We are committed to leveraging the passion of our players, our staff, and our fans to provide resources and education that positively impact lives in our community.