Houston: home away from home.  

The people who fill our stadium, the fans who come week in and week out – they really give you a reason to play and practice every day.   

It’s been great to be part of Houston and it’s culture for so long. And this team, we’ve built something great this season. We mesh really well, and my teammates are great people off the field.  

I feel like I’m home.


On the field, we had a lot of success and believe me, we’re just getting started.

The girls on this team – they're always improving and getting better. Even players like Sophie and myself, who are both on the older end of the spectrum, are constantly improving.

I like that we can be in this environment and make each other better along with our young core. That’s important. Iron sharpens iron.


This season was historic, and we need to hold ourselves to that standard. Like winning the Challenge Cup in 2020, we need to maintain that level – competing for the Shield, competing for the Challenge Cup, competing in playoffs. Competing.

I look forward to doing that here for a couple more years.

Here we go, boys.