"I’m so happy to be home." | Ryan Gareis

When I think of Houston, the first word that comes to mind is family.

I’m a homebody - someone who loves being around my family. I was nervous to move so far away from them last year.

Coming into a new team, a new environment, I felt like everyone from staff to teammates took me in so easily. They made the transition from college to professional so seamless that it felt like I had a new family right away – my Houston family.

Houston Dash v KC Current 10-16-22-78

I enjoyed my rookie year – even all the challenges – because of these people. I’m forever grateful for my first year in Houston, and with the Dash.

Turns out, I found a home off the field too. From trying out different coffee shops to trips to the dog park with Kody, I’ve been able to meet so many people around the city.


Finding ways to fill my free time with different passions, like coaching or social media, has started so many new relationships with people who call Houston home.

Staying in Houston for the offseason was the right choice for me. I’ve grown to really love the community, the people I’ve met throughout the city on and off the pitch. How lucky am I to have so many different Houston families?


Building all these personal relationships around the city is so rewarding. I’ve met the most incredible people, from people who have lived here their whole lives to those who moved here like me. It’s so cool to see how connected we all really are at the end of the day.

DashvKCC playoff-380

I feel so lucky. I love my life in Houston.

I love calling my favorite place home.

Let’s keep growing together, Houston.

I’m so happy to be home.