"Ride or die: the Houston Dash mantra" | Annika Creel


Ride or die: the Houston Dash mantra.

I felt like my career was beginning to kick off at the beginning of the season, and then it was just swiped from me. 

But I was able to play a different role this season, one where I got to witness this team make history and break boundaries people put on us for so long.

Dash training done-14

I was able to see the sisterhood behind the scenes – that's what really got us to the playoffs.

We fought for each other. We went to war with and for each other. 

Everybody had each other’s back, and you could feel it. It was everyone saying, “I have your back and I'm pushing you to be the best version of yourself every single day on and off the field.”

Dash training done-9

That’s what made it so easy to be the team hype woman. That despite having to sit on the sidelines and recover this season, I was able to witness my sisters go on this incredible run and prove everyone wrong.

This year I was in a supportive role, just like you.

It’s so important that this community understands you are a part of us. You are part of our team. The community and togetherness that this city brings to the table is so exciting.


You all, the fans, are one of the reasons I continue to be drawn back to Houston.

We made history together, and now we’re ready to make it again.

Get ready, Houston.

- Annika