Andie Taylor became a season ticket holder in 2019 and has been coming to Dash games since. The Houston native says going to Dash games is one of her favorite ways to spend her free time.  

A gymnastics coach of eight years Taylor says sports have always been a major part of her life. As a kid she played several sports, including soccer.  

“I played soccer when I was a kid, I was four years old,” Taylor said. “My parents swore they would never put me in soccer again because all I did was chase butterflies and complain that I was cold.”  

Taylor said she gave soccer another chance as a teenager. The Houston native played on her high school team and fell in love with the game. The 2011 Women’s World Cup in Germany also helped Taylor become more immersed in the sport and followed the Women’s Professional Soccer league.  

“I was like oh man, when is there going to be a Houston team,” Taylor said.  

Taylor said once the Houston Dash were added to the National Women’s Soccer league in 2013, she immediately knew who she was rooting for.  

One of Taylor’s favorite things about attending Dash games is being able sit at field level and get an up close and personal experience with world-class athletes.  

“I have field seats, so I am right up in the action and that’s a lot of fun,” Taylor said.  

Taylor says she admired how determined and dedicated players for the Dash are to their craft and can always see the effort they give, even when things don’t go their way – a valuable lesson she passes on to her young gymnasts. 

“Being able to be there, to watch and support, no matter win or lose (is my favorite thing),” Taylor said.