Houston Dash season ticket member Kim Chapman has been giving back to the Houston soccer community for years, mostly as a coach for youth soccer teams. A native of England, Chapman has called Houston home for the last 24 years after living in different cities around the United States, as well as different regions of the world like Africa, South America and the Middle East. 

Growing up in England, football was a big part of Chapman’s life at an early stage. His love for football only grew stronger after becoming a fan of Liverpool FC. Years later, Chapman – like many Houstonians – learned that the world’s global sport would expand its footprint in the Space City with the addition of professional women’s soccer. The Houston Dash would debut in 2014 and Chapman found a new community he could share with loved ones.  

Chapman says supporting the growth of women’s soccer in Houston is a passion of his. From coaching his children and granddaughter, Chapman is excited to continue to support the Dash and its world class players here in Houston.  

“I’ve been a great follower of the women’s game,” Chapman said. “So, when the Dash came along, I would go to those games. I really enjoyed the games and became a season ticket holder.” 

Prior weekend commitments coaching his three kids and grandchildren limited Chapman from regularly going to Dash games, but he would try to make it as often as possible. Now, as his grandchildren transition to other sports and activities, Chapman wanted to continue supporting the sport he loves and became a Dash365 member in 2021.  

Chapman says his wife, son and granddaughter Kayla regularly attend Dash matches. One of his favorite things about being a season ticket holder and attending games is getting to interact with the players. 

“One of my favorite things about the Dash is the way the players come over and interact with the crowd after matches,” Chapman said. “My granddaughter got her picture taken with some of the players. There is that personal interaction with the players is something I don’t see anywhere else.”