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Kate Scheele Meyen once served as the last line of defense for the Dash backline and now she keeps elected officials and foreign delegates safe with the United States Secret Service.

Scheele Meyen, who played for the Dash in 2016, says her experience as a college and professional athlete prepared her for life after her playing days were over. Scheele Meyen would go on to earn her master's degree at the University of Washington after her time in Houston and she taught high school AP macroeconomics and US government. However, Scheele Meyen said she missed the team component of organized sports.

That is when she began her journey to become a secret service agent in 2020. Almost two years later Scheele Meyen is now traveling the globe, leading investigations and planning events. Scheele Meyen ran into her former coach Sarah Lowdon and the Dash in Los Angeles when Houston traveled to take on Angel City FC on June 7. Scheele Meyen was there to coordinate a variety of events for the Summit of the Americas, the event takes place every three to four years and brings together heads of state to discuss public policy.

With her two world’s colliding, Scheele Meyen said it was nice to be able to reflect on her life and how much it has changed. Scheele Meyen said skills she learned in soccer such as time management, strong communication as well as working in team environments prepared her for the next phase of her life.

“That transition was probably the most seamless I had in my adult life, from professional athletics to Secret Service,” Scheele Meyen said.

Meyen first tried another career path but she says “it didn't fill that void that was left by the sense of teamwork, accomplishment, sense of pride that you have when you put a uniform on. And it was a kind of seamless transition into being an agent.”

Scheele Meyen said the Secret Service has a pathway for former athletes to begin their training within months of their retirement from professional sports.

“I could have applied earlier and I wish that was something that was explained to me sooner,” Scheele Meyen said. “So that's why I'm here to tell these young women that they can apply, that they can become an agent right after playing.”

When she is not traveling protecting the First Lady of the United States Jill Biden, Scheele Meyen spends her time handling investigations as a member of the cyber intel unit where she investigates everything from social exploitation of cryptocurrency to extortion.

Scheele Meyen credits Lowdon with being a significant figure in her rookie season with the Dash and has been grateful to maintain her relationship with Lowdon through the years.

“Holy cow following her career, I mean, she was an integral part of my rookie season,” Scheele Meyen said. “She made sure that we were taken care of, and everything from, you know, putting us through fitness drills to making sure our different passing patterns went well. But she was someone that made an impact on my career.

“I think that these women on the Dash are incredible, incredibly lucky to have her. She is a true player's coach, and she looks out for her girls.”