Interim Head Coach Wade Barrett

On the performance
I’m glad we kicked the game off today. It seemed like there was a lot of talk this week that this result was a foregone conclusion. I thought it was a back-and-forth affair – they had some good chances and we had some really good chances. Probably a little bit of a surprise that it ended 1-1. Our group has taken five positive results out of the last five road games and that’s a difficult thing to do in this league and this was a great team that we played against and they’ve proven that over the course of the season. They’re difficult to break down and they haven’t dropped too many points at home, so we need this was going to be a tall task coming in. It was important to fight and to be completely focused on training to try and get a positive result out of the game. I thought we were committed, right there until the very end with a potential to get three. It didn’t work out for us but that said, the commitment and attitude from the players, all of the staff is extremely proud.

On individual performances
On a game like this, everyone has to stand tall defensively. Everybody across the backline made a play at some point. We always put up a couple key points before we walk out and one of them was that we knew we had to make plays. You can be organized, you can be disciplined but at some point, somebody is going to have to make a last ditch effort and have to make a play in the box. We had guys that did that today, everyone in midfield put in a huge shift. I thought Mauro [Manotas] and the work that Will [Bruin] did was impressive as well. I won’t single anybody out, I think it takes every single person that touched the field and everybody at training. The guys were ready, we put in a lot of work this week to be ready for the game and it wasn’t just the guys that played, it was everyone at training this week.

On the change of momentum in the second half
We fully expected that they would come out at the beginning of the second half. I thought we were pretty committed against them in the first half. In the first half I thought they looked a little bit off, so we knew they would be a little fired up coming out in the second half and have a good performance. Sometimes you have to weather that and potentially use that to your advantage by catching them on a break. Just before they scored, we had a fantastic chance against it. We did have opportunities to break that didn’t get converted and they came back the other way and put one in. Like I said, that’s why they make you play the game.

On his future with the club
I love this club. I’ve put a lot into it and I’m really proud of the work the coaching staff has put in over the last number of months. Everybody in the staff has pulled in together and put in a ton of work trying to get the most out of the team. I want to say thank you to them because they deserve a big thanks for the amount of work that they’ve put in and they commitment they’ve shown. They’ve shown that they are very good professionals and are very good at what they do. That being said, that decision will get made but I do want to thank everybody in the staff.

On Colorado Rapids and Pablo Mastroeni’s job this year
As you know, it is an impressive accomplishment what [the Colorado Rapids] have done. I give a lot of credit to Pablo and a lot of credit to everyone because I know it’s not just one person that makes this happen. It’s the commitment of an entire group. You can see that they have commitment in their players and they work together as a staff. It’s not one person that has turned the project around. I give a compliment to everybody because it has to happen from the highest level and there’s has to be constant and clear communication between the highest level and everyone below and that’s what turns a team into a success.

On what he think will happen in the future
Like I said, we’ll let the next couple of weeks play out as they will. I have gotten a taste for it and of course, there are some part that have been difficult but I have really enjoyed the challenge. It has been fascinating studying the game from this seat. Seeing what’s possible, seeing what some of the limitations are and applying those on a weekly basis.

Goalkeeper Joe Willis

On finishing the season with five straight results on the road
It says a lot. It’s been a few weeks that we’ve known we weren’t going to make the playoffs. The guys have found a way to get up for every game. Whatever your motivation is, whether it’s pride, or keeping your job, everyone has been working hard on the road. I think that’s a real testament of character.

On the back line’s performance
I thought everyone on the field today defended well. In the first half they were playing to the forward’s feet a little bit. We kind of tightened it up a little and forced them wide a lot more and forced them to cross it a lot. Unfortunately, their goal came from across but other than that I think we did a very good job of keeping them at bay.

On next season and challenging for the number one spot as goalkeeper
If you’re not challenging for the number one spot, then I don’t know what you’re doing. I’m just going to keep working hard and doing what I do. At the end of the day, it’s the coach’s decision. I’m going to concentrate on what I can control and just keep working hard.

On what the team needs to make playoffs next season
I think under Wade [Barrett], we had a lot of organization and a lot of discipline. Once he took over, we started moving in the right direction. If I knew the answer we would have fixed it but I’m sure there will be some moves in the offseason and we’ll be ready next year.

Midfielder Cristián Maidana

On the result and season overall
I think we played a good game today with some chances to take home more than just one point, but that’s the way football goes. The team worked together out on the field today. This season wasn’t our best. We ended on a bit of a high note these last few games and we’ll hold our heads high and begin to start thinking about what’s to come.

On the team’s character these last couple of months
We know that it was very difficult for the club and for the fans that are always supporting us. It was difficult not to have made the playoffs but the team tried to perform in the best way possible. Some of the results didn’t go our way and at times, we also didn’t play as well as we should have. We know that there needs to be a lot of changes and hope it’s for the best of the club.

On what he would like to improve on personally
Everything. Obviously there’s a lot that needs to change at the club. We don’t know who will be staying and who will be leaving. We will wait until the decisions are made. I would like to stay here next year and with the changes, I hope it will be easier. Training hard and doing things the right way. 

Defender Jalil Anibaba

On the back line’s performance
Everybody was working hard and it showed out there. Everybody fought for the team and everybody fought to keep a result.

On finishing the season strong
Like I said, everyone fought hard and left it all on the line for the last might. That shows that everyone’s willing to work hard for the team and I’m happy to be a part of that.

On Houston’s season overall
It was a tough year. Like I said, the guys have a lot of fight. Every single match we stepped on the field for, everyone fought hard and it feels good to be part of.

On if he will stay with the club, given the chances
Of course, definitely - Dynamo has open arms. We’ll see how the offseason goes, but like I said, I’m happy to be a part of this club.

On having some of their supporters on the road
It felt great to see orange in the corner of the stadium here in Colorado. We try to reciprocate their energy and fight hard on the pitch. It feels good to see them here.