Boniek and his kids
Nigel Brooks

Vote for Boniek Garcia and DaMarcus Beasley in the #MLSSoshies!

Don't you just go "awww" when you see a picture of Boniek and his kids? (Not to mention the matching jersey's for all three!) Boniek and his kids have been nominated for an #MLSSoshie and they need your vote.

The most aww-inducing pictures are definitely of Boniek, Jaden, Jose, and Lourdes. If you just take a look at his Twitter, @boniek1426, it's cuteness everywhere. 

CLICK HERE to vote for Boniek and his kids for #MLSSoshies: Family Matters

While you're at can vote for Beasley and his #BFF, the Dynamo. CLICK HERE to vote for @trickybeas.