Every professional sports team knows that success starts with high-quality talent, both on and off the field. One such member of Houston Dynamo FC that was recently recognized for her talents is Director of Accounting, Vanessa Scott.  

Vanessa, who has been with the Dynamo since 2015, was recently honored as a member of EventEllect’s Emerging Executives Program. The award, which is given out to 10 up and coming executives in the field of professional sports, also provided Scott with a scholarship to attend the Sport Facilities & Franchises and Ticketing Symposium in Las Vegas. 

For Scott, the opportunity was useful for a number of reasons, including that it gave her a closer look at the future of the sports industry. 

“We were able to hear a lot of exciting things that are coming down the pipeline in our industry,” said Scott. “We heard from a lot of team presidents and other venue managers about things they're doing related to sports betting, cashless transactions and other things that the industry is transitioning towards.” 

According to Houston Dynamo Chief Financial Officer Nicolas Somoano, Scott has all the qualities that define an emerging executive in the industry. 

In describing Scott, Somoano said, “High integrity and a high work ethic combined with high intellect. You package all of that together and you're kind of on a straight shot to success and leadership.” 

The conference, which took place over three days at the end of September, provides attendees with the opportunity to hear industry leaders discuss the future of the sports industry. According to Scott, getting to hear these industry leaders discuss the obstacles they have faced and the solutions they used to solve them is an invaluable experience for her work with the Dynamo. 

“Listening to several of the leaders in our industry talk about the challenges that they've faced over the last year or some of the challenges that they see that might be upcoming is helpful for us as we're navigating our own challenges to learn from others who have been there,” said Scott. “Understanding what challenges they went through is really helpful. So that when we go through those, we're able to learn from their lessons and have fewer obstacles.” 

For Somoano, who works closely with Scott, he knows that opportunities such as the Emerging Executive Program do not come around often and that Scott should be proud of herself for this accomplishment. 

“I hope it's rewarding for her. It's important to have success recognized,” Somoano said. “So, with her getting this opportunity, getting chosen with this program, getting to see what's going on in the industry and what's around the corner that may not be totally out there and understood by the public. I think all of that just contextually makes her better at what she does, hopefully gives her another boost of energy to continue doing what she does, and hopefully she understands that the recognition is real, authentic and well deserved.” 

Since returning from the conference, Scott has been laser focused on ensuring that she embodies what it means to be an emerging executive. For her, that starts with showing that she is a leader who wants to help make the Dynamo into the best organization possible. 

“An emerging executive is somebody who's looking to make waves. A leader in not just their own department but in the whole organization. Looking to take a sports team to the next level and enter those new waters.” 

So far, Scott has shown herself to be that and more.