Ted Segal - Majority Owner & Chairman

Lyle Ayes - Owner/Vice Chairman

James Harden - Investor/Owner


Jessica O'Neill - President of Business Operations

Pat Onstad - Houston Dynamo FC General Manager

Alex Singer - Houston Dash General Manager

Lana Ramirez - General Manager, Facility Operations

Jeff Stewart - Chief Revenue Officer

SJ Luedtke - Chief Marketing Officer

Vanessa Scott – Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Lance Eversole - General Counsel


Edwin Sanchez – Director, Integrated Brand Marketing

Bryan Salas – Creative Director

Stephanie Leal – Lead Content Designer- Dash

Macy Wagner – Junior Content Designer

Jesus Zamorano – Director, Video Production

Kyle Spriggs – Video Producer

Emmanuel Tezeno – Junior Content Producer

Bianca Verar – Manager, Brand Marketing- Dash

Catie Guidry – Director, Digital Marketing

Malena Udani – Manager, Digital Marketing

Kirsten Boyd – Digital Production Designer

Jalysa Wilson - Project Manager, Marketing Operations

Ashley Clinkscale- VP, PR & Communications

Edgar Veliz – Director, Communications

Jack Holmes – Communications Coordinator

Angel Franco – Communications Coordinator

Valerie Holland – VP, Community Engagement

Cameron Alonso – Community & Youth Program Coordinator

Hilary Hoffman –Sr. Manager, Fan Engagement

Sam Chessher – Fan Engagement Coordinator

Justin Winters –Manager, Community Relations

Ashley Jones- Director, Special Events

Al Raitt - Vice President, Presentation & Production

Malcolm Andry – Manager, Fan Engagement

Kristin Thompson – Director, Event Presentation


Kyle Seabolt – Director, Finance

Alex Gillen – Senior Accountant

Isaac Arellano – Accounts Payable Coordinator

Denise Keibl – Payroll Specialist

Howard White – Financial Analyst, Team Ops

Courtney Smith – Senior Director, HR

Maureen McClellan – HR Generalist

Lydia Adeosun - Club Safeguarding Manager 

Lauren Gallegos – Office Administrator

Brea Buck – Associate General Counsel


Ben Carruthers – Vice President, Partnership Sales

Jennifer DeMarta – Partnership Marketing Account Manager

Dora Villalobos – Partnership Marketing Account Manager

Cristina Walter – Partnership Marketing Sr. Account Manager


Jared Graff - VP, Ticketing

Travis Leyndyke – Director, Ticket Operations

Oscar Gonzalez - Ticket Operations Coordinator

Miguel Murillo – Ticket Operations Coordinator

Mariah Kleiman- Director, Group Sales

Sergio Rosenhek – Group Sales, Account Manager

Mark True- Group Sales, Account Executive

Cameron Cravin – Group Sales, Account Executive

Jorge Ramirez - Group Sales, Account Executive

Lauren Lartigue – Director, Dash Ticketing

Brian Araujo – Dash Account Executive

Elizabeth Edmonds - Dash Account Executive

Jake Goodman – Director, Ticket Sales & Service

Yamilex Garza – Sr. Manager, Membership Services

Stefan Scheel – Membership Services, Sr. Account Manager

Colton Marek - Membership Services, Account Manager

Juliana Torres- Membership Services, Account Manager

Rodjinald Joseph - Membership Services, Account Manager

Ethan Andersen – Membership Sales, Sr. Account Executive

Andres Del Castillo – Membership Sales, Account Executive

Miranda Torres - Membership Sales, Account Executive

Adriana Clark - Membership Sales, Account Executive

Mike Leon - Membership Sales, Account Executive

Tommy Mylnikov - Membership Sales, Account Executive

Keith Cordero – Membership Sales, Account Manager

Ryne Harris - Manager, Membership Sales

A’Dejah Williams – Ticketing Enablement Coordinator

Michael Mondello – Premium Seating, Account Director

Ryan Spencer – Premium Seating, Account Manager

Alberto Tudon – Premium Seating, Account Manager

Bjorn Thomson – Premium Seating, Account Manager

Connor Glick – Director, BI & Analytics

Jack Doehrman – BI and Strategy Analyst

Sohum Maniar – BI and Strategy Analyst


Tony Vigil – Academy General Manager

Rodolfo Castilla – Head Coach, U-20

Stephan Rigaud – Academy Head Coach U17

Jeremy Hurdle – Academy Head Coach U15 

Scott Howey – Academy Head Coach U14

Eric Klenofsky – Academy Head Goalkeeper Coach

Craig Devine – Director, Sports Medicine

Matthew Hutton – D2 Assistant Athletic Trainer

Kathleen Fuller – Academy Player Care Coordinator

Michael Gazouleas – Academy Video Coordinator

Thomas Driscoll - Academy Administrator

Emiliano Gonzalez - Academy Coordinator

Pablo Reyes – Academy Talent ID Coordinator


Michelle Young – Sr. Manager, Guest Experience

Arissa Contreras – Guest Experience Coordinator

Nunee Oakes – Manager, Technical Services

Jessie Lantz – Director, Events & Guest Services

Stefano Agostini – Event Services Sr. Coordinator

Morgan Haase – Event Services Coordinator

Stephen Lavie – Director, Engineering & Operations

Larry Cannon – Sr. Manager, Engineering

Arnulfo Diaz – Sr. Maintenance Technician

Maximo Ayala – Maintenance Technician

Victo De La Cruz – Painter

Christina Roman – Manager, Stadium Operations

Jonah Bailey - Stadium Operations Assistant

Dan Bergstrom – Director, Sports Turf & Grounds

Brian Tobin – Turf Manager- Stadium

Damond Mitchell – Grounds Technician

Rodolfo Villatoro - Grounds Technician

Eduardo Martinez – Grounds Technician

Alvaro Perez- Grounds Technician

Emmett Baylor – Director, Security

Symone (Ashlee) Harrison – Security Sr. Coordinator


David Perez – Manager, HSP Operations

Jose Rodriguez – Manager, HSP Facility Operations

Alan Resendez – Manager, HSP Booking

Joe Maza – Turf Manager- HSP

Jose Luis Villatoro – Turf Manager- First Team

Jose (Fernie) Bonilla – Field Specialist- First Team

Demetri (Quay) Byrum – Field Specialist- Dynamo


Rehal Bhojani, MD - Chief Medical Officer

Tom Randle - Identification and Recruitment, Houston Dynamo FC

Brett Singer - Dietician, Houston Dynamo FC

Even Meeks, MD - Head Orthopedic Surgeon, Houston Dynamo FC

Irvin Sulapas, MD - Orthopedic Surgeon, Houston Dynamo FC

Karem Munoz - Massage Therapist, Houston Dash

Christina King, MD - Houston Dash

Tu Dan Nguyen, MD - Chief Medical Officer, Houston Dash

Bonnie Gregory - Head Orthopedic Surgeon, Houston Dash

Nick Leman – Sports Scientist, Houston Dash 

Lennie Waite, Ph.D. – Sports Psychologist, Houston Dash