2024 Dash Membership FAQ

What is included in my Houston Dash Membership?

  • All Regular-Season NWSL home matches 
  • Access and/or pre-sale to other Dash Events and/or Shell Energy Stadium events 
  • Exclusive Member Benefits including access to Member events, team store and concession discounts, member gift, on field fan experiences, and more.
  • Same Seat Play On Access to NWSL Playoffs, Dynamo Home Opener tickets and discounted Dash Tickets
  • Personalized account manager

How will I access and manage my Houston Dash Membership Tickets?

We are excited to partner with SeatGeek who are a leader in fan ticketing digital experience.

You will need to link your Membership Account and download the HDFC App to manage and use your tickets.

For the best experience on match day, download the HDFC App for easy access to your tickets and Membership Credential for use at the Stadium Team Store and select concessions. Available for download for iOS or Google.

How do I contact the Membership Service or Sales Team?

Current Houston Dash Members, please contact your dedicated Membership Services Account Manager directly or email us at memberservices@houstondash.com.

Fans interested in becoming Houston Dash Member can contact a Sales Representative at 713-276-GOAL (4625) or email tickets@houstondash.com.

How will I be notified of Membership changes, including pricing?

Any changes to membership dues and material changes to Membership terms will be reflected in personalized annual membership dues notification delivered on July 1, 2024, for the 2025 Membership year. July 1, 2024, is the start of the 2025 re-enrollment window and July 31, 2024, is the close of the window. Please reach out to your Member Services Account Manager or email us at memberservices@houstondash.com for terms.

What if I want to relocate my seats for next season?

All Houston Dash Members have the priority and ability to relocate their seats for the following season. Member Relocation communication will come after the re-enrollment period. For any questions prior to that time, please email your Account Manager.


What other benefits come with a Houston Dash Membership?

You can earn access to additional benefits based on your loyalty tier, but all Members will receive:

  • Dedicated Membership Services Account Manager: A representative from the Member Services team you can call or email directly whenever you need anything or have questions throughout the whole year.
  • Ticket Exchange: Can’t make a match? Members can roll those tickets over to a future regular-season NWSL Houston Dash home match, so tickets don’t go to waste! New for 2024, Members will have access to exchange their tickets via SeatGeek. Deadline to exchange will be 24 hours before the match.
  • Invitations to Members-Only Events/Opportunities: Members-only experiences and exclusive access to Dash players and other key staff.
  • Discount at the Dash and Dynamo Team Store: Gear up with the latest Dash apparel and accessories and save at the stadium Team Store
  • Concessions Discount: save on select food and beverage options throughout Shell Energy Stadium.
  • Ability to purchase additional tickets at a discounted rate: Get a Member price for any additional tickets throughout the season and invite your family, friends or coworkers out to enjoy a match with you anytime! Pre-sales to other events at Shell Energy Stadium: Come out to Shell Energy Stadium for other events such as international soccer, concerts, rugby and more with priority pre-sale access to purchase tickets.
  • Season Parking Pass: A season parking pass is included for premium members that meet certain criteria. For more information contact memberservices@houstondash.com.

How is my loyalty tier determined?

Your loyalty tier is determined by the number of consecutive years you have held your Houston Dash Membership.

  • First Team (1 year)
  • Captain (2-4 years)
  • Legend (5+ years)

If you cancel your Membership your loyalty tier will reset.


Is there anything that I must do to activate my 20% Concession Discount on popular items in Shell Energy Stadium?

This benefit is already added to your Membership! There is nothing you must do to activate this benefit in your Membership Account beyond making sure you have your Membership Credential with you to redeem this benefit.

How do I redeem my 20% Stadium Concession Discount on popular items?

You will be able to redeem this benefit with your Membership Credential at Shell Energy Stadium Concessions. While purchasing qualified items in Shell Energy Stadium, scan the QR Code on your Membership Credential and redeem the 20% Discount upon checkout.

If you have not received your Membership Credential, please contact your dedicated Service Account Manager or email us at memberservices@houstondash.com.

Does my 20% Stadium Concession Discount apply to all concessions in Shell Energy Stadium?

This benefit applies to the following popular items in select stands:

• Domestic Beer • All American Cheeseburger with Fries • Chicken Tender Basket • Nacho Grande • Jumbo Hot Dog • Popcorn • Bavarian Pretzel • Bottled Soda • Peanuts • Popcorn Bucket

Can I use my 20% Stadium Concession Discount at any Shell Energy Stadium Event?

As a Member, you will only be available to redeem your 20% Stadium Concession Discount on regular and post-season Houston Dynamo FC and Houston Dash matches at Shell Energy Stadium.

If I transfer my tickets can someone else use my 20% Shell Energy Stadium Concession Discount?

Only the Primary Account Holder will be able to redeem this benefit for regular and post-season Houston Dynamo FC and Houston Dash matches at Shell Energy Stadium by utilizing their Membership Credential.


What is Auto-Enrollment?

Auto-Enrollment allows you an easy and convenient way to continue your Membership uninterrupted year over year. Your Membership will be automatically enrolled for the following year once the enrollment period begins unless you take action to opt out during the window of time designated in the Terms and Conditions.

Each season you will have a 30-day opt out window, with the upcoming season opt out window running from July 1 – July 31 of the prior/current year. Your initial payment or payment in full will be withdrawn on August 1 each year.

All our Houston Dash Members are required to enroll in this program as part of your Membership, but you may always Opt-Out of your Membership for the following season during the notification period at no cost.

What is the “Play On” program?

All Houston Dash Members are automatically enrolled into the “Play On” program which automatically opts-in Members to receive a guaranteed seat and preferred Member pricing on Houston Dash NWSL Championship Playoffs, NWSL X LIGA MX Femenil Summer Cup , and other potential Dash matches hosted at Shell Energy Stadium.

Members will receive notification via email of pricing and at least a 48-hour opt-out window if they do not wish to purchase their seats for playoffs matches as they are scheduled. Opting out of purchasing tickets for all playoffs does not impact your Membership status. Members will enjoy a simple “Pay as We Play” policy and will never be charged for a match that doesn’t happen! Pricing may vary.

What happens if I opt-out of my Membership before the deadline?

There are no fees, no hassle, and no penalty for opting out within the opt-out period (July 1- July 31) for the following season. Your Season Membership will be removed from the Auto-Enrollment program and will not be automatically enrolled for the following season. Your Membership for the current season will remain intact until the season’s end.

Please note - if you opt out, your loyalty tier will reset, and your current seat location and special pricing may not be guaranteed if you choose to return later. If you would like any additional information on Memberships, please email memberservices@houstondash.com

If I move away and would like to opt-out, how can I ensure my account is not Auto-Enrolled?

“If you would like to ensure you are not Auto-enrolled for the following season, you must provide notice to Houston Dash for opting out of the 2025 season between July 1 and July 31, 2025, by completing the opt-out form.

What if I don’t want to roll over my Membership to 2024?

If you would like to ensure you are not Auto-Enrolled for the following season you must provide notice to the Houston Dash for your opt-out of the 2025 season between July 1 and July 31 by completing the opt-out form here.


What payment options are available for my Membership?

We provide an Interest-Free, Monthly Payment Plan up to June 2024. For more information or to answer any questions you may have on this option, please contact your dedicated Membership Service Account Manager or email us at memberservices@houstondash.com.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

When do Houston Dash Membership payments start?

Payments are based on a July start each year for the upcoming season. For example: Payments for the 2025 Houston Dash season would begin on August 1, 2024.

What if I would like to make changes to my account, such as update my payment or address?

If you would like to make changes to your account in the form of updating your payment information, requesting a seat change or updating your address, please log in to linked SeatGeek Membership Account or contact your dedicated Membership Services Account Manager.

Can I split my Season Membership payments between different credit cards?

Yes! You must have at least one current card on file associated with your payments but can split across more than one card. Please contact your Account Manager for additional questions.

Can I split my account?

Yes! However, account splitting will reset the loyalty tier of the new account holders Membership and is not available for account holders within the same household, same address, or same payment method.